Pics from the ACA Certification Class

Since apparently I’ve been freaking people out lately with my posts about kayaking carnage, here’s some more cheerful fare.  A couple of weeks ago I took the ACA (American Canoe Association) Instructor Certification Class run by Chris Jonason of Wave Trek Rescue in Index, WA.  It was really a blast – a mix of great people taking the class and really good instruction by Chris, who has many years of experience teaching and is also a first-class paddler.

Classroom stuff at Central WA University

One of the really useful things as far as improving your own paddling during the class is that you get videotaped on the water and then everyone critiques you later.  When you take the class with Chris, the additional bonus is that you might also end up staying at her house, like we did because we ended up on the Skykomish River for the last few days, in which case pretty much anything could happen – impromptu haircuts, hanging out with a huge bird – you name it. :) Pics below.


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