Libby Demonstrates Proper Kayaking Technique

The other day I forgot I had my demo Jackson 2Fun from Aquasports in the back of my car and I just loaded Libby in there without looking inside.  I was halfway to the store before I looked around and saw this:



Which you have to admit is pretty darned cute.

Anyway, it occurred to me that she was demonstrating the proper moderately aggressive forward kayaking posture recommended by Ken Whiting of  Seeing as I have a copy of his book lying around my house, I’m sure this was no coincidence.

Here she is, attempting a spin.



When you spin and the boat doesn’t there’s a problem.  Here Libby wisely checks out the outfitting:



And here she purposely demonstrates incorrect technique, with paw clearly extended beyond the kayaking power position, putting her at risk of a shoulder injury.


Not bad for a dog who sat in her first kayak just a couple of weeks ago.  (Although I must say, she’s had stern squirts mastered for a long time.)


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