Video: Kayak Stroke Tutorial from Michele Ramazza

This is a really in-depth, well explained video tutorial on the kayaking forward stroke by Italian slalom and whitewater paddler Michele Ramazza.  If the forward stroke sounds like the simplest of things, keep in mind that people make hour-long videos and write actual books about the forward stroke.  Doing it well is not actually all that intuitive and it’s the foundation for a ton of other things, including the occasionally-elusive boof stroke.  (Oh, sure, now you’re interested.)  Just kidding. ;) Here’s the video:

I first found this video because Mike sent me an article written by Michele giving his opinion as to whether or not creekboaters who want to improve their technique will benefit from practicing in an actual slalom boat or a creekboat.  Seeing as he started out in slalom and moved to Class V creeking, he’s a pretty good person to hear that from, I think.  Here’s the link to that creekboat-slalom kayaking article.

I like how at around 5:20 in this video there’s a breakdown of how much arm versus torso you’re likely to use depending on what you’re doing – flatwater, slalom, sea kayaking, creeking, etc.  and the footage of things being done both the wrong and the right way is super helpful too.  Michele was also nice enough to write back to me several times when I emailed him about the video temporarily not working, which I know from experience is not an easy thing to keep up with when you’ve got 500 other things going on.


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