How to Embed Higher Quality Youtube Videos (and a Rodeo Hole Example)

I’ve been uploading some of the Rodeo Hole videos to Youtube and was pretty frustrated because the original quality is really good and the Youtube version ends up really grainy. In searching around online I found a cool trick that should work for most Youtube video formats (I think I read it won’t work for flv.)

When you’re embedding a Youtube video, you’ll get a higher quality version if you add the following code to the very end of the urls in the embed code that start with value=


Insert it into the very end of the url, just before the last quotation mark.  You need to do it twice since the link is in the embed code two times.

If you’re just linking directly to the video, you can add the following code at the end of the Youtube video link to get the higher quality version:  &fmt=18

I’m pretty sure this works – here’s the first Rodeo Hole video in both quality formats for comparison.

This video has Brett, Kevin H., and people I don’t know.

Low Youtube Video Quality Version:

Higher Youtube Video Quality Version:

I’ve watched these at the same time and I definitely notice a difference.  See what you think.