Evan Moore Paddles High Water Cataracts of the Kern

Here’s some great footage of whitewater kayaker Evan Moore paddling the Cataracts of the Kern in California at around 4400 cfs (huge).

Part of the reason I like this video so much is because of how comfortable he looks in the water, even when he’s submerging into or surfacing out of something massive.  If you’re not used to looking at kayaking videos much yet, it’s worth noting that he’s not just plowing down this stuff, at around .22 he’s working hard to get right to hit that exact line – and then at .35 notice the strong forward stroke as he works to get right again above that massive feature. But it’s the (apparently) calm recovery at the bottom of that and the next feature that I think is really awesome.

Mike and I were in the Kern Valley last summer, I really loved that place – the river’s beautiful, camping is quite easy, and although we didn’t run into too many local kayakers the ones we did meet seemed friendly and not cliquey, which I truly appreciate. 


Mark - April 11, 2017

Hi Irene,

Great video! He just exudes confidence, especially at 0:36!

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