Video: Rob McKibbin Runs Log Choke and Alpine Falls

Here’s a great video that Dan Patrinellis took of Rob McKibbin running Log Choke Falls on the Top Tye in early November 2012, with Box Drop immediately afterwards and then Alpine Falls at the end of the clip.  This is classic Rob, just plain gorgeous kayaking.

The thing I love best about this video is what happens between Log Choke and Box Drop – he covers a lot of ground under water and then pops up like a dolphin totally centered over his boat and bracing out of a near bow stall, and runs Box Drop about half a second later.  A transition like that is spectacularly difficult, not to mention that in the first place he has to nail the line so he doesn’t surface against the base of that huge log.

The last drop, Alpine Falls, has major consequences if you go off line, you can end up in a recirculating cave under the right side – as Rob knows from experience. :)


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