Video: Scared Girl on Itanda Falls, Nile River (Funny)

I just love this video of a girl being taken down Itanda Falls rapid on the Nile River in the front seat of a tandem kayak.  I think Anton Immler from Triberiders is the one behind her, although you never see him – he’s a really good kayaker and it looks like they actually roll a few times, which is amazing.  Anyway, this girl is my hero for keeping a sense of humor while she’s obviously scared nearly out of her mind, plus, incredibly, not a swear word comes out of her mouth the entire time.  Although you do hear three other words about 500 times.

I guess Itanda Falls is a Class V, I’d love to know if they took the hard route on here or the sneak route, and how hard it was for the level, etc.  You really can’t tell from the video, but if you watch it you’ll see that’s really not the point anyway. :)


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