Video: The Mother of All Kayak Boofing Tutorials

The other day I was pondering, as I do most days, about how great it would be if someone made a completely awesome whitewater kayaking boof stroke teaching video that broke down and explained all the moves, showed people doing different kinds of boofs in regular and slow motion, and superimposed side-by-side clips of kayakers both styling and blowing the lines on the same drops so you could see exactly what the difference was.  What a sweet world this would be, ay?  OK, so then I Googled boofs for like the one hundredth time and for some reason found this video that I hadn’t seen before by Gene 17 Kayaking which does all of that.  It is indeed completely awesome, and here it is.

Their whole Youtube channel is excellent, they have videos on how to run slides, stoppers, etc.  And I just noticed that they have a 49-minute video on Vimeo on Advanced WW and Steep Creeking which I haven’t watched yet but I’m guessing is good.  Enjoy, and happy boofing.

(I should mention that you have to watch 5 seconds of a commercial before skipping to the start of each video, but seeing as realistically this is far less time than we are likely to spend someday getting window-shaded in a hydraulic from missing a boof stroke I consider this time well spent.) ;)


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